Laura Gabrielle
Web designer & developer

From your first inspiration, to your first succeses...

I build custom websites that elevate your brand, business, or product

I am a web designer and developer specializing in fast, SEO-friendly, and mobile-friendly websites using JAMStack technology and best practices.

I am currently available to work on new projects.

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About me

Briefly, some of my favorite parts of web design and development:

  • Increasing Site Speed & Performance
  • Developing Sites Straightforward & Usable
  • Creating Unique, Elegant Designs, tailored to your brand or product

I graduated from California State University, Long Beach in 2014 with a degree in Psychology, a program where I first began learning the basics of design and development.

In the time I've worked as a developer, I've done my best to create accessible, mobile-friendly websites that provide highly usable, custom experiences tailored to your brand.

My skills

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Optimizing Website Performance
  • Crafting content, including:
    • Writing
    • Basic graphic & logo design
    • Color-schemes & typography

Please contact me if you'd like to hire me to work on a project.


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Projects I've Worked On

  • a screenshot of the website for Small World Travel Africa

    Small World Travel Africa

    Steve and Catherine Hanna Askin's website for Small World Travel Africa, a service offering cultural learning and travel experiences in southern Africa.

    Live Site < Code />
  • A screenshot of the home page for Tiffany Hooton's therapy practice site

    Tiffany Hooton Therapy

    The website for Tiffany Hooton's queer and gender affirming therapy practice in Long Beach. Integrated with Forestry CMS for easy content editing.

    Live Site < Code />
  • A screenshot of the website for Stefan Borst-Censullo's law practice

    Stefan BC at Law

    Stefan Borst-Censullo's law practice site. Migrated and redesigned from Wordpress.

    Live Site < Code />
  • A screenshot of the home page of the Long Beach Anarchist Collective website

    Long Beach Anarchist Collective

    A website built to help Long Beach Anarchist Collective publicize their events, complete with updateable event listing through Forestry CMS and a service worker leveraged from Gatsby's rich plugin ecosystem to tick that Lighthouse PWA box and enable installation on mobile devices as a web app.

    Built on the JAMStack using Gatsby and React. Hosted on Netlify.

    Live Site < Code />
  • A screenshot of the home page of this site

    Laura is Here (this site!)

    This website!

    My little home on the web to show off all my other cool websites. Experiments with a vanilla JS theme-picker and lazy-loaded images.

    Built on the JAMStack using 11ty.

    Live Site < Code />